Rapid Growth

The recent and rapid growth of students participating in the various organizations and activities sponsored by the Catholic Student Center at Texas Tech University has necessitated the need for the expansion of facilities and staff to meet the needs of the students.


expansion of texas tech population

During the past ten years, we have grown from more than 300 active students to more than 600 active students gathering at the Catholic Student Center each week. During the most active times of student activities, students are present in every facility of the parish. One of the reasons for this growth has been the rapid expansion of the student population at Texas Tech University from 30,049 students in 2009 to 35,134 students in 2013. Approximately 19 percent of these students are self-identified as Catholics. In that time, the Catholic Student Center has initiated several new student organizations to meet the growing spiritual, social, and service needs of these students. The Catholic Student Center has also developed ministries for graduate students and is currently forming a Catholic faculty/staff organization on the Texas Tech University campus.